The DA Academy Dental Nitrious Oxide Training course will provide information to meet the Nitrous Oxide/oxygen inhalation conscious sedation.  Students in this program learn:

  • Define conscious sedation and be aware of the benefits for the patient and dentist

  • Understand the psychophysiology of pain, anxiety, and sedation

  • Understand the physiology of respiration and of N2O-O2 inhalation

  • Know the advantages, disadvantages, indications, and contraindications to the use of N2O in normal and medically compromised patients

  • Understand the techniques used to administer N2O and monitor patients while they receive it

  • Recognize the complications that may arise as a result of N2O administration, and understand the prevention, early detection, and treatment of these complications

  • Learn the hazards associated with the use of N2O and accepted methods used to reduce exposure to an acceptable level in the dental office

  • Recognize special problems associated with the use of N2O in children and know the proper technique for administering it to them

  • Discuss nitrous oxide equipment, including tanks, regulators, manifolds and machines

  • Understand guidelines for installation and use as issued by the National Fire Protection Association and the American Dental Association

  • Recognize the similarities of N2O sedation and hypnosis, be familiar with the basic concepts of hypnosis and its usefulness as an adjunct to N2O sedation